Brand Mind
Brand Mind
Japanese craftsman’s spirit starts with the tool!
Festar Tools focuses on manufacturing professional tools and create high-quality products with the "Craftsman’s spirit".
Festar Tools has the direct authorization from the Japanese company president with the unique production technology and SOP. Festar Tools products are designed in ergonomical form, which is convenient to operate for all users.

Festar Tools products is the best value of your money. Festar Tools is your best choice!

Why choosing Festar Tools?

Festar Tools has more than 40 years tools manufaturing experiences and only produce our products in Taiwan.
Festar Tools products are fully certified by German GS certification and provide comprehensive pre-sales/ after-sales and warranty service to our customers.
Festar Tools products
introduce Japanese professional technologies and manufature in Taiwan.

Japanese Craftman’s spirit design

We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in

Japanese Craftman’s spirit design

  • The products are designed with Japanese craftsman’s spirit
  • From the appearance of the product to processing the details of screws fine line
  • Taking safety design as our first consideration to avoid accidents during use Implement ergonomic design to reduce discomfort at work and to improve efficiency and user convenience.

Festar Tools Exclusive Processing Technologies

  • With the high-frequency hetal eating technology, the toughness of the product is strengthened and the product lift is extended.
  • Use CRV, Cr-Mo for processing
  • Introduce Japanese exclusive processing technology


  • 在台灣經營超過40年
  • 日本、歐洲、美國各大公司首選製造商
  • 最完善的售前/後保固服務(如有任何需求,歡迎與我們聯繫)
  • 產品擁有德國GS認證的品質把關

Festar Tools

All kinds of bolt cutters, crowfoot wrench sets, car repair tool sets and household tool sets